1. Leave your dressing on and keep it clean and dry for about 24 hours
  2. After 24 hours you may remove the dressing and shower as normal. Do not allow the open wound to soak or be submerged in dirty bath water, sea water, lake water, or any other standing water. Simply wash with soap and water, rinse with clean water, and pat the area dry. Do not scrub the area with a wash cloth or pick at the scabs which will form. This will significantly increase your risk of infection.
  3. After bathing, apply a thin film of antibiotic ointment and cover with a band aid.
  4. Repeat these cleaning procedures daily for 7 days. Over this period of time a scab will form. Do not remove this scab as it provides a significant barrier of protection against infection and aids in healing.
  5. Occasionally the area will drain enough fluid to saturate the band aid. If this occurs, soak the area in an epsom salt solution for 15 minutes once or twice daily. You may then reapply the antibiotic ointment and a band aid after each soak.
  6. You will follow up 2 weeks after your procedure, but if you feel that you need to be seen earlier you can call for an appointment.
  7. If you notice an area of redness forming around the area which becomespainful and is enlarging, pus coming from the wound, or discoloration of the wound bed, call the office immediately.
  8. Call the medical assistants at Dr. Walimire’s office with any questions or concerns at 239-936-6778 x 2263.

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