1. Limit activities for the remainder of the day and return to normal activities tomorrow
  2. The injection site may remain painful or become more painful tomorrow. This is a normal occurrence and you should not be alarmed. It often takes 2-3 days for the steroid medication to work.
  3. If the area becomes red, painful, and swollen, this is most likely a post injection flare. Apply ice and elevate the foot. If it does not resolve within 24 hours, call Dr. Walimire’s office immediately.
  4. The band aid which was applied at the office may be removed as soon as the bleeding stops.
  5. If you are diabetic and you received a steroid (cortisone) injection, be aware that your blood sugar will rise dramatically over the next few days. This is normal and will resolve on its own. Do not attempt to control the blood sugar by taking extra medicine or insulin. If you are concerned, you may contact the physician who treats your diabetes.
  6. Call the medical assistants at Dr. Walimire’s office with any questions or concerns at 239-936-6778 x 2263.

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