Ambulation Devices

Treating some injuries and recovering from many foot and ankle surgeries requires patients to remain completely off their affected foot. We recommend knee scooters or rolling walkers with a seat. These allow patients safer and quicker mobility so as to minimally disrupt their everyday life after an injury or surgery. One must be careful with these devices to ensure safety, so travel slowly and avoid going over bumps quickly. For those who prefer crutches or a standard walker, is still the best place to purchase these devices. If you are having surgery with Dr. Walimire or Dr. Hilbert, you will not be provided any of these products. You must purchase them prior to your surgery.

Standard Knee Scooter

Heavy Duty Knee Scooter – All Terrain

Rolling Walker

Standard Crutches

Standard Walker

Cast/Dressing Protectors

After surgery we almost always have patients keep their dressing on, clean, and dry for the first two weeks. Dr. Walimire and Dr. Hilbert recommend the use of cast protectors to keep the foot and leg dry for showering. One should always protect the dressing with a layer of plastic wrap prior to applying these devices as they often leak, but are certainly the most convenient tool to keep the dressing dry.