What is incisionless toe straightening?

Incisionless toe straightening is an in-office procedure that is commonly used to treat hammer toes, claw toes and mallet toes. Even the worst toe deformities can be treated with this technique.

During the procedure, the surgeon makes needlesticks in the skin over the affected area of the foot or toe. A small scalpel blade or needle tip is then used to cut the tendon or joint that is causing the deformity. By cutting the tendon, the tension created by the muscle that is causing the deformity is relieved, and the toe can be realigned closer to its normal position.

This procedure is minimally invasive and requires no stitches. In most cases, the patient can resume normal activities within a few days of the surgery. The recovery time is very short, which is one of its most significant benefits.

Why should I choose incisionless toe straightening rather than traditional hammer toe surgery?

In contrast to traditional surgery for foot deformities that involves lengthy recovery periods and significant postoperative pain, incisionless toe straightening offers a quick and almost painless solution to your problem. One can continue on with almost all of life’s normal activities while recovering. The appearance of the toes is typically more natural and less stiff than with traditional open hammer toe repair. Furthermore, this procedure has a much lower risk of complications than open surgical treatment.

What are the advantages of a minimally invasive hammertoe repair?

Patients’ lives are minimally interrupted after undergoing minimally invasive hammertoe releases. The only requirement is splinting the toes into a straight position for 2 weeks. There is minimal pain, minimal to no scarring, and very minimal interruption in daily activities. No time is required off work unless there is a high risk of the toes becoming dirty or contaminated, then 3-4 days off work is required.

Why should I choose Dr. Walimire and Advanced Podiatry and Neuropathy Center to straighten my toes?

Dr. Walimire has performed thousands of hammer toe repairs and he has the experience to know whether this procedure is right for you. There are very few podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons who are trained or willing to perform these types of minimally invasive procedures in an office setting, so choosing our clinic can make your experience more convenient and safer. We can often perform them on the same day as your visit, if desired. The procedure is quick, incisionless, and has a brief recovery time, which means most patients return to their daily routine within a few days. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort caused by toe deformities, schedule a consultation with Dr. Walimire today to learn more about your treatment options.