Fracture Boots

Fracture boots are the best way to treat a foot or ankle fracture. Casts are, by and large, a thing of the past and we now utilize these boots for use as a cast while a patient is being immobilized. We then get the patient walking in the boot when it is safe to do so. We offer the highest quality boots in our office (Ossur Rebound) and these are typically covered by insurance carriers. A few insurances require patients to get their boots from a specific location or through the mail, which delays appropriate treatment and may require a large out of pocket expense. Below are some affordable product options for patients without insurance or for those whose insurance does not cover the cost of a boot or who have a large out of pocket cost. We do not typically recommend the short black plastic boots due to difficulty with fit around the ankle. If you would like to purchase the less expensive boot, the tall boot will typically be much more comfortable.

Tall Fracture Boot Non-Pneumatic

Tall Fracture Air Boot

Short Fracture Air Boot

Shoe Lifts to Balance Boot Height on Opposite Leg

Great for patients who also have back, hip, or knee pain

Ankle Braces

A typical ankle sprain requires 2-3 months of ankle support which typically starts with fracture boot immobilization with transition to ankle brace at week 2 post-injury. We also use ankle braces for high/low arches with tendon pain on either side of the ankle with great success.

Speed Lace Ankle Brace with Figure of 8 Strap

Bioskin TriLok Ankle Brace with Figure of 8 Strap