Foot Padding Products

Drs. Walimire and Hilbert recommend a wide variety of products for patients as needs arise which serve various purposes. The most common devices are listed below.

Toe Spacer for Overlapping Toes

Silicone Toe Spacer for Corns

Ball of the Foot Pad with Toe Separator

Toe Stretching Device

Tuli’s Heel Cups

These heel cups are lifesavers for patients who have back of the heel pain or a thin heel fat pad. Pain around the periphery of the heel or the back of the heel can be alleviated with these devices. They can also help to relieve heel fissures and prevent cracking of the skin.


Urea Cream for Thick Callouses

Regular Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Moisturizer wtih Itch Relief

Compression Socks

Compression therapy is one of our go to treatments for patients with mild to moderate edema and who are having feelings of heaviness or fatigue in the legs after longer periods of activity. We almost always recommend compression socks after surgery as well. Prophylactic use helps to reduce the risk of varicose veins and spider veins later in life. Compression socks come in many different compression strengths and thicknesses, and can even be custom made for individuals who have significant swelling. The options below are more for prophylactic or post-operative use. If you require them for another condition, you should schedule an appointment so that Dr. Walimire or Dr. Hilbert can perform a thorough evaluation and get you the product that is right for you.

Light Compression

Medium to High Compression